Group Coaching 

With The DSU Masters

The ultimate LIVE eBay Dropshipping coaching membership — an intimate community experience for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching!

Get Your First Month For Only $9.99!

Much more than a YouTube LIVE, Group Coaching is your chance to get intimate & relevant coaching with the Dropshipping Masters, eCom Tom & Jason!


With perks like private Slack instant messaging, timestamps on Q&A's, & much more!

eBay Dropshipping coaching for a

fraction of the cost

At $200/hr for private one-on-one coaching, we understand that not most people are unable to afford this degree of support. But since our students success is our #1 priority, we have decided to address this issue with a solution that works for everyone! Introducing the first ever DSU Group Coaching. With benefits like private messaging with Slacktimestamps on Q&A's, and unlimited time allowances - we are able to provide a much more exclusive and curated experience than we are with our regular YouTube LIVE's.

Unlimited Replays With Timestamps

All sessions will be posted to your private portal. Watch them over again or just scan the timestamps for the answers you need!

Ask Questions In Advance

Cant make the LIVE? No problem. Submit your questions in advance from the portal, and we will be sure to get to them on the next session.

No Question Goes Unanswered

No time limit means no question gets left unanswered. Unlimited support to ensure your success with eBay Dropshipping.

Private Slack Group

Get support and important updates from Tom & Jason, as well as from your fellow classmates on our private Slack Instant Messenger.

Hosted by the 

Dropshipping Masters


Average Monthly Dropshipping Sales


"I am a firm believer that with the right guidance, anyone can succeed with this business model! Now is your chance to get the coaching that you need to take your store to the next level, and accomplish the financial freedom that you deserve."


Average Monthly Dropshipping Sales


"Over the last 4 years of Dropshipping, I have seen and endured it all. Use my experience and breadth of knowledge to help you overcome all of the obstacles that come your way. Can't wait to see you inside!"

Small Investment, 

Big Payoff.

DSU Group Coaching

Group coaching for all levels of eBay Dropshippers



1 LIVE Group Coaching Session Each Month

Unlimited Replay Watches

Session Replay Q/A Time Stamps

Community Support With Slack Messaging

Exlusive Members Portal

Get Your First Month For Only $9.99!

"Hold up... Whats the difference between a YouTube LIVE and DSU Group Coaching?"

No more annoying repeat questions

that you already know the answer to! 

Although YouTube is a great platform to interact with our students, if you regularly tune in, you may have noticed that we get a lot of the same questions on every LIVE.


By creating a more exclusive membership, we are able to control the amount of repeat questions and the types of questions that you are exposed to. Meaning you get exponentially more value and relevant answers to questions that match your experience level. 


As an added bonus, all of our sessions will include timestamps so that you can find the exact answers that you are looking for, without having to fish through what you already know.

Watch LIVE, or catch the REPLAY anytime!


The DSU team is committed to all of our students success. If you have any questions about Group Coaching or need help with something else - don't hesitate to reach out to us!